Leetz Media Signs a Partnership Deal with Revpanda

Published: 24/02/2022, 11:28AM

In a momentous collaboration, Leetz Media and award-winning digital marketing firm Revpanda have agreed to form a strategic partnership to strengthen their global strategies.

The deal will create new opportunities for both companies. Leetz Media specialises in promoting online casinos and serves a long list of popular brands in Europe. Revpanda can leverage its established marketing channels for future endeavours.

One of the primary missions of Leetz Media is creating strategic partnerships with key global players. And the deal with Revpanda will help them set up a contractual framework for future collaborations. Leetz Media currently works with several popular affiliate websites, and they have the required experience in showcasing new brands to the interested audience.

The deal with Revpanda will help both firms expand into uncharted territory and cope with the dynamic nature of the iGaming industry. Both Revpanda and Leetz Media are the top players in their respective industries, and the partnership will help the companies establish a stronger foothold in this fast-paced sector.

What the Partnership Entails

Revpanda has a reputation for being a one-stop agency. And this is what Leetz Media will benefit from this agreement the most.
The agency will design and develop websites, as well as creating SEO-friendly multilingual content, and launching link building campaigns for the company’s brands.

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