Revenuelab Enters Strategic Partnership with Leetz Media

Published: 26/01/2022, 13:25PM

The world’s largest affiliate program aggregator Revenuelab recently inked a strategic partnership deal with Latvian lead generation company Leetz Media. The agreement with help both companies capital

According to the terms, Revenuelab is now in charge of monetising Leetz Media’s SEO sites and will set up and run the latter’s casino and betting operations. Leetz media currently operates over a hundred iGaming sites globally. The websites focus on gambling, betting, and other resources critical to the online gambling industry.

Revenuelab’s Plans for Leetz Media

Revenuelab is a prominent name in the world of affiliate marketing and has been serving clients diligently since 2011. It works with over 15,000 publishers and 2,000 brands globally, making it one of the world’s largest affiliate firms. The company specialises in end-to-end SEO site monetisation circles, a service that Leetz Media plans to use for its array of iGaming websites.

Revenuelab remains dedicated to revolutionising the global affiliate networking model, and the company plans to move forward with strategic partnerships at its core. The deal with Leetz Media represents everything that Revenuelab stands for, and according to people familiar with the deal, better days lie ahead.

According to Valentin Darechkin, Revenuelab’s Chief Commercial Officer, “The most important challenge for every affiliate is to ride the wave of change constantly. Keeping up with the industry’s dynamic nature is the only way to move forward. Forming strategic partnerships is the best way to move ahead, as working alone won’t get the players very far.”

Simplifying the Process

The publishers generally work with several affiliate programs simultaneously, meaning they have to aggregate all financial processes and affiliate program statistics for daily traffic analysis. Traditionally, this process is done manually, which consumes a lot of time.

Working with multiple affiliate partners simultaneously is also bound to break concentration once in a while, resulting in mistakes. In such circumstances, publishers must reach out to dozens of separate affiliate managers to try and isolate the problem at its source. This isn’t an effective way of managing resources, a problem that Revenuelab plans to solve.

For starters, Revenuelab plans to streamline the process by aggregating the affiliate programs for Leetz Media. Thus, conserving resources. The solution allows affiliates to concentrate on their core business without worrying about the technicalities.

About Leetz Media

Leetz Media is a renowned Latvian lead generation specialist working in the iGaming industry. The company’s portfolio includes over a hundred gambling, betting, and casino-related websites in around 30 unique geographies.

The company specialises in promoting online casinos and creating valuable traffic and high-quality leads from scratch. And they enjoy a potent reputation for targeting the desired audience.

As the new strategic partnership comes into effect, Leetz Media will transfer the monetisation flow of its websites to Revenuelab. This will leave the firm with enough time and resources to focus extensively on SEO optimisation, giving them the chance to roll out new websites.

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